7th May 2019

Here are some of my outstanding Avatar team – Amanda and Adam!!


8th May 2019

BACK FROM JAW-DROPPING MEETING AT Intel with some of those that worked with the late great Stephen Hawking. We’re now going to move things far forward using the latest cutting-edge Hi-Tech, researching how #plwMND can maintain verbal spontaneity and retain their personality!


9th May 2019

TREMENDOUS SUPPORT AT A VENT SYMPOSIUM YESTERDAY. I gave the Keynote speech about #RightToThrive. Next slot was debate on Traches. Audience vote at end was 100% IN FAVOUR of a Trache (or even better, a Laryngectomy like I’m having) to be offered to #plwMND.


13th May 2019

HERE’S MY LATEST AVATAR TEST if you haven’t seen it, thanks to some amazing rebels at Optimize3D, Octagon, CereProc and Embody Digital (whose software automatically animates the character with lip sync to speech, head movements and facial expressions according to the content of the text and the emotion of the speaker). This is still only early days!!!

YOUTUBE.COM Peter Scott Morgan avatar with hair, unit selection voice


24th May 2019

MY LARYNGECTOMY IS NOW SET FOR 10th OCTOBER! Then I’ll be on a vent pump full-time with no voice box. It will be irritating to lose my voice earlier than I’d like, but it’s a small price to pay to avoid ANY POSSIBILITY of Aspiration Pneumonia. I now need to get all the necessary Hi-Tech working in time!!!

29th May 2019

WITH DEEP REGRET I’VE RESIGNED AS TRUSTEE OF WONDERFUL MND Association to focus exclusively on our research into HiTech to THRIVE for #plwMND as now only 4 months till my Laryngectomy! Will of course continue to work closely with CEO and Director of Care Improvement. Exciting times!!!