1st March 2019

A forensic scientist, wife, mother and #plwMND just posted the comment below on Twitter. She was rightly unimpressed by such an absurd allegation. As a fellow-scientist who’s studied traches, so am I! PLEASE click on to find out how to stamp out such institutionalised ignorance and bigotry.

Frankly, I am horrified it is still so widespread! I have suggested that my fellow MND warrior get her Consultant to contact me directly to explain himself. I will ask him what new evidence he has uncovered but sadly kept to himself that overthrows current best-thinking on the issue. ALSO, as someone who shortly will have a full laryngectomy, I will ask him (for the good of his profession) to avoid offering any further advice on the topic until he knows what on Earth he is talking about!!!


2nd March 2019

The RIGHT TO THRIVE campaign rigorously avoids suggesting that traches are the choice for all of us (under different circumstances, I myself might not have chosen to have one), but the choice must be OURS. Some #plwMND who WANT a trache tell me they are being refused BECAUSE OF WHERE THEY LIVE! That simply isn’t right – WHATEVER choice the rest of us make…


4th March 2019

CURRENTLY FINISHING OFF last of 5000 phrases needed by the wonderful CereProc to build the best possible Unit Selection voice! They just sent me this link to prove that these days they have the skill to make ANYONE sing!!!


5th March 2019

FULLY-SUPPORTIVE LETTER FOR #MND from MP Alan Campbell for Tynemouth thanks to Paul Walt. If you haven’t already done so, NOW IS THE TIME to ask YOUR MP to back RIGHT TO THRIVE. Click on for a letter template you can copy.


8th March 2019

OVERWHELMED BY THE POSITIVE support (like from my MP, Kevin Foster MP (Torbay)) for RIGHT TO THRIVE – but we need still more people to show their support by going to and sending a letter to their local MP. If we don’t act NOW, WHO will?


8th March 2019

ANOTHER GREAT LETTER OF SUPPORT from a Member of Parliament thanks to Wendy Clark, this time from Gordon Henderson, MP for Sittingbourne & Sheppey. Please go to to help fight inequality alongside Wendy and me.
Kevin Foster


12th March 2019

WONDERFUL ENDORSEMENT for #RightToThrive from MND Association – As a Trustee, I’m really proud of how the Association is preparing to champion Hi-Tech for #MND as well as to advance knowledge on traches. Hugely exciting developments are about to be set on course. Watch this space!


15th March 2019

WHO SAYS OUR MPs CAN’T AGREE ON ANYTHING?!? Great letter from Philip Hollobone, MP for Kettering pushing Minister Steve Brine on behalf of #RightToThrive. Thanks to Neil Edwards for making this happen and Emma Moss for her unending support. More on:


20th March 2019

HUGE NEWS MND Association has formed #NextGenThinkTank sponsored by Rolls-Royce Plc to research how to THRIVE with latest Hi-Tech. I’m Chief Scientist. Tomorrow we hold our first Summit with 60 key people from IntelMicrosoftt, DellBT, etc. Agenda: How to change the world!!!


21st March 2019

SO PROUD to belong to #NextGenThinkTank! SO AMAZED by support of our prestigious members!! SO EXCITED by the future!!! This will radically change what it means to have #MND – and change what it means to be human. With cutting-edge HiTech we WILL THRIVE! Next Summit in 6 weeks.


28th March 2019

AWESOME POTENTIAL FROM THE MND Association boldly stepping into the future through the launch of our #NextGenThinkTank…/boldly-stepping-into-the-…/#MND is the perfect research vehicle because it is SO bad. Solve using cutting-edge Hi-Tech to THRIVE with MND and we solve how to THRIVE for MILLIONS with Extreme Disability – even when caused simply by ‘old age’. This Think Tank will not only change what it means to have MND. It will change what it means to be human!!!


29th March 2019

THE BATTLE OF THE FILM CREWS – Rolls-Royce plc cameraman filming Channel 4 filming BBC filming me being interviewed by the lovely Anne Davies TV. You can view my whole speech describing the breakthrough research being undertaken by #NextGenThinkTank at…/191670_MND_Peter_Sc…