June – July

2nd July

FANTASTIC PAST FEW DAYS PLANNING THE FUTURE with my wonderful friends Laura Valis Vargas and Esther Duran – experts on designing complex Hi-Tech systems that put people at the centre. Absolutely perfect skills to apply for someone set to become a Cyborg in October! Thank You!!!


20th July

TWO-AND-A-HALF MONTHS UNTIL I LOSE MY VOICE as a result of my scheduled Laryngectomy, and we’re trialling Proof of Concept for our revolutionary research into developing a real-time avatar that will speak in my voice and be driven only by my eye movements. Really Exciting!!!


29th July

IN FIVE DAYS’ TIME, MND MAKES IT INTO ‘THE TIMES MAGAZINE’!!! Top journalist Ben Machell of The Times and The Sunday Times travelled 200 miles to interview me for 4 hours, the photography took another 2 hours. Result: A feature piece about how we don’t all have to ‘just survive’ – we can THRIVE!!!


31st July

HUGELY EXCITED TO PRE-ANNOUNCE the launch on 14th August of Francis’ and my charitable Foundation. We’ve an amazing Board and tremendous corporate support to change what it means to have Extreme Disability – researching cutting-edge Collaborative-AI that lets EACH OF US THRIVE!!!