3rd August

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING FEATURE ARTICLE in today’s Times Magazine by top journalist Ben Machell where he brilliantly lays out the future of THRIVING with Extreme Disability such as #MND! 5 pages; 3,000 words. From all of us depending on that future, Ben, Thank You!!!


10th August

THE SCOTT-MORGAN FOUNDATION gets a huge boost next week as DXC Technology take the reins as Mission Coordinator at a 2-day gathering of the Rebel Alliance of key firms that have proved up to the task of Changing What It Means To Be Human – even with #MND!


16th August

IMMENSE THANKS TO THE AMAZING REBELS who helped launch #TheScottMorganFoundation this week at DXC Technology innovation centre. Around 30 researchers, 08:00-20:00 for TWO days, not talking, DOING! Huge progress; huge commitments for future philanthropic work to let us all THRIVE!!!


18th August

SO GRATEFUL TO MY FRIENDS AT FJORD/ACCENTURE Esther, Geraldine, Kasia, Laura, Robin, Rod, Seema who, in addition to leading the human-centred design of the User Interface being researched by #TheScottMorganFoundation, have also created our logo and the feel of our future website!


19th August

IF YOU EVER WONDERED how #TheScottMorganFoundation was launched in London last week, wonder no more! My welcoming speech has been transcribed for posterity, and (before The Foundation’s website gets up and running) you can read it on my personal blog…/next-generati…/the-foundation/