9th April 2019

IN 6 MONTHS, I’LL BE A FULL CYBORG! Yes, I know it sounds like Sci-Fi. But the #NextGenThinkTank set up by MND Association is set to make it so. Even parts of my brain, and my persona, will be synthetic. By pushing the outer limits with the extreme research we conduct on me, we’ll explore just HOW MUCH #plwMND can THRIVE with Hi-Tech. That will make it a LOT easier to pull back and make available an astounding range of cutting-edge options for people to choose from if they want to punch a hole in the Establishment view of what it means to be diagnosed with our ‘Terminal Disease’.

I’m not dying – I’m transforming… This is MND WITH ATTITUDE!

See more: http://www.scott-morgan.com/…/becomi…/peter-2-0-the-present/


17th April 2019

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We need to push back. I’ve now seen 12 letters from Westminster about #RightToThrive. 9 are from very supportive MPs. 3 are from Ministers, and their letters are simultaneously INSULTING, DISMISSIVE and SHAMEFUL. I’ve seen what they were sent; they have very deliberately missed the point. All the letters are now on my website, so if you’ve received anything that I haven’t included then please just send it to me. We really cannot let this sort of unacceptable behaviour stand unchallenged. No doubt the responses are not even from the Ministers themselves but from their Private Secretaries. See my initial reaction via Kevin Fosterhttp://www.scott-morgan.com/…/minister-respons…/steve-brine/ Fortunately, Channel 4 (who are spending the year filming me for a documentary) are fascinated by the lacklustre response from our Ministers. Especially, at a time when public respect in UK politicians is at an all-time low, this is a really smart time for them to have shown such cavalier disregard for #plwMND


20th April 2019

MY VERY LAST BIRTHDAY AS PETER 1.0 – what a glorious day! Thanks for the good wishes😊 Next year I’ll STILL be around, as Peter 2.0. That’s why THIS is one of the many reasons #RightToThrive is so vital. THIS is why I REFUSE simply to ‘stay alive’. THIS is why I choose to THRIVE!


24th April 2019

T’S NOT OFTEN I FEEL PROUD OF A POLITICIAN – but I do today! Kevin Foster, my hugely supportive MP and champion of #RightToThrive, recently became a Minister. Does that mean he’s now far too busy to keep helping? Is this a good excuse for him to stop fighting the Health Ministry to get attention for fairness of access to Cough Assist and Tracheostomies? NOT AT ALL! Kevin is fighting for #plwMND stronger than ever!! Making a difference like this is what Politics is SUPPOSED to be about!!!