3rd November 2018

SOMETIMES SCIENCE MUST OVERRULE POLITICIANS – as in this case. SRTI is a way to fast-track benefits but requires a “reasonable expectation of death within 6 months”. #MND isn’t that predictable. Like Scotland, MPs should #Scrap6Months for MND. See more on…/campaign…/scrap-six-months/


8th November 2018

AFTER 35 YEARS GIVING SPEECHES, yesterday I gave my last one ever – using a gently-breathless 50%-lung-capacity voice. How do I feel about this End of an Era? BRILLIANT! I’m not going to stop giving speeches, I should hasten to point out. But from now on I can get away with pre-programming my talks into a Speech Synthesiser. Never again will I have to memorise a 40-minute speech without even the prompt of slides (as I had to do yesterday because I couldn’t even grip cue cards let alone work PowerPoint). In future, I won’t have to remember a word; all I’ll ever have to remember is to press the Start button. How utterly cool is that?!?


26th November 2018

WONDERFULLY ENERGIZING MEETING WITH SUPERB Sally Light, CEO of the MND Association, while I was up in Birmingham for the quarterly Board meeting. I’ve worked with many CEOs, but never before one so open and enthusiastic about new ideas! Let alone MY ideas!! I left really excited by the future of #MND and the Association’s influence in shaping that future. Now I’m off for a couple of weeks’ vacation in Madeira and the Canary Islands – if only to explore whether the concept of wheelchair-friendliness has yet reached them!