Revolutionizing what it means to be Disabled –  Revolutionizing what it means to be Human


We are so last-century when it comes to augmenting ourselves with Hi-Tech to overcome disabilities – including the downsides of old age or even just of being human.

Conveniently (from the research point of view) I’ve recently been diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease, so I now have every incentive and justification to help pioneer new ways of melding with Hi-Tech in order not just to survive this typically-terminal disease, but to thrive with it.

I want to embrace Hi-Tech, research how it is possible to Enhance ourselves, and as a result revolutionize how we tackle being Seriously Disabled. In fact, I want to revolutionize what it means to be Human.

I worry we’ve all become really complacent about Disability and Old Age and Deteriorating Quality of Life – and maybe even Lifespan itself. We’d never put up with such flatlining performance if we were talking about our mobile phones or TVs or tablets. But, because we’re “only human” after all, we tacitly accept inexorable shortcomings for ourselves and for our loved ones and for our species.

Except we’re well into the 21st Century! This is the Age of Hi-Tech. And I for one am becoming overdue for a major system-upgrade to correct some serious bugs that are causing problems not just for me but also (in very similar forms) for millions of people – including those who are told “It’s what you should expect, you’re old” or “…you’ve had a stroke” or     “…you’ve had an accident” or “…you’ve got MND.”

I don’t accept the inevitability of those leaps of logic any more. These days, I suspect, none of us should…