Declarations of interest

If anyone (including the wonderful NHS) ever lends me equipment, pays for something I have, or in some other way potentially risks being seen as doing anything that might possibly sway my judgement, I will automatically declare it in the same place that I document my use of the item.

At the end of the day, I am experimenting to find an optimal protocol for my condition – not setting up a shop window, let alone endorsing particular products. So, what I end up using will be what, after a bit of research, I think is the best for me.

Or, more accurately, the best I can afford/access/beg/borrow or be given.

With all that said, obviously, if you’re an organisation with some interesting kit that you want me to try, and you’re happy to offer me an absolutely gigantic discount if I decide to use it, please don’t let me put you off from getting in touch immediately…