Message from Peter


WE ALL DESERVE THE RIGHT TO THRIVE and I’ve been really lucky. But some others with MND who want the same chance are being told by the medical Establishment they must die instead. It’s outrageous, unacceptable and cruel.

We need to change the status quo

Some with MND in the UK who claim the RIGHT TO THRIVE are being told they must die instead, simply because of where they live! This will not stand. Please read this page to see how we can confront this cruel postcode lottery once and for all.

At its core, the RIGHT TO THRIVE is about fair access, genuine choice, and healthcare equality. So, whether or not you have any personal experience in MND, if you simply believe in Fairness then recognise this for what it is: a heartless attack on Human Rights.

Why do I feel so passionate about this? Simple. Statistically, I would have been dead by the end of 2019. Except, I’m not. Instead, my outstanding NHS team in the UK gave me a life-preserving Laryngectomy. So, I’ll be fine. But I’ve discovered that others with MND who WANT to follow a similar path to me are being dissuaded or blocked – and I for one refuse to leave them behind.

I know we’re all busy with other priorities. But those being denied the RIGHT TO THRIVE feel powerless and vulnerable and The System is skewed heavily against them. It’s a burning injustice and they need more than just our moral support. They need us to PUSH BACK against the status-quo. They need us to change everything from Government Guidelines to local funding.

To do that, we need to MAKE A NOISE that rises above the clamour of Business As Usual and the warnings Don’t Open A Can Of Worms. For far too long, the voice of MND has been largely unheard. WE can change that. As individuals, any of us can easily be silenced; TOGETHER we now need to ROAR!!!