Thought Experiment

In the near future, maybe a year away, two tops, I’ve just finished giving a speech in New York and I’m being interviewed one-on-one by a journalist. I’ve just shaken her hand. Meanwhile, I’ve just finished giving a simultaneous speech in Beijing – identical content, but in Chinese. I’m being introduced to the organiser of the conference, who only speaks Chinese, and I’m about to shake his hand. All the while, my biological brain is in Torquay.

Where exactly is Peter 2.0?

After all, Peter 1.0 couldn’t pull off the same trick. Peter 2.0 can only do it because he’s a lot more than just a biological body remotely controlling two doppelgangers. My voice and avatar personality that the New York journalist is experiencing are being generated in real-time in New York. Nothing is originating from Torquay other than a few very-high-level directions – no different than a remote movie director shouting “Action” to a distant actor who is improvising.

Exactly the same is true of Beijing – except that the Machine Translation is probably taking place somewhere in The Cloud.

And I feel that I am in both Beijing and New York. The one place I don’t feel to be is Torquay. And the one place the people in Beijing and New York do not feel me to be is Torquay – even if they know that my biological brain is.

The true answer is probably that as Peter 2.0 I will sometimes be in various places at once, because different parts of my persona – which you will all identify as, in their entirety, being ‘me’ – will be running in different places. On those occasions, I guess, I’ll be a Distributed Intelligence. Certainly, my biological brain will no longer define me, any more than my crippled biological body will.

This truly is MND with Attitude: I’m not dying, I’m transforming!

Think about it. The very fact that the solution to my Thought Experiment is not immediately and blatantly obvious, is jaw dropping. It signals a genuine paradigm-shift. In changing what it means to have MND, we can forever change what it means to be human.

This isn’t just a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – it’s never occurred before in 13.8 billion years!