Change the World

To change the world, supercool technology alone is not enough. If we only come up with brilliant ideas, we fail. If we only build amazing Proofs of Concept, we fail. If we only make Hi-Tech available that people don’t access (they don’t want it, aren’t offered it, can’t afford it, don’t live long enough), we fail.

If we forever change the world so that anyone, if they choose to, can THRIVE even with Extreme Disability – only then do we succeed.

So, in addition to devising jaw-dropping Hi-Tech, we also need to change attitudes. We need to view the research as part of a major Change Intervention, stimulate awareness via conventional media and social media, and as necessary lobby governments and healthcare-communities.

To KEEP changing the world, those of us researching in this field must constantly regenerate and evolve what we do and how we do it, constantly pushing back the frontiers of what is possible, constantly at the cutting-edge of applying Hi-Tech to MND and Extreme Disability, constantly leveraging Moore’s Law to translate research into user-tools, constantly striving to deliver more and more support to everyone who dreams of breaking free from the straightjacket they find themselves in.

If not now – WHEN?

If not us – WHO?

As a schoolboy, I was told by a teacher who had a huge influence upon me: “Peter, aim for the stars and at least you’ll reach the moon.”

There’s something you need to know about me.

I have zero interest in exploring a grey rock.

This is a voyage to the stars.