All-Access Pass (Space-Time)

I really do think there’s a massive amount we need to tackle head-on to obliterate the current huge barriers to Disabled Access. After all, it’s a bit insane that the main reason I won’t be able to take a plane anywhere is that no airline will allow CHARLIE in the cabin!

And his batteries would have to be disconnected if he was in the hold. And even if I could survive separation from my physical and mental life-support system throughout a long-haul flight, based on current statistics the chances are that CHARLIE would be damaged by the time he was returned to me.

And will someone please explain to me, as a cyborg, would I have to be put into flight mode?

So, Yes, I would love to be able to easily navigate a typically-hostile urban environment, accompany my family on a country walk, safely climb stairs, board a boat, traverse icy/snowy surfaces.

But, why should I straightjacket us by specifying that my biological brain needs to risk coming along for the ride?

Here’s what I mean. I envision that eventually, whether I am in physical reality, enhanced reality, or fully-virtual reality, will feel as irrelevant as whether a movie I’m watching is in a cinema, live on TV, or downloaded to my laptop. All I care about is the experience of the Movie. With my two All-Access Passes (physical reality and virtual reality) all I care about is the experience of Reality. I’m perfectly happy that it’s Ambiguous Reality.

In my Ambiguous Reality, I can once again be hand in hand with Francis on a mountain peak, feel the summer-evening breeze and setting sun on my face, but maybe I’m safely at our home in Torquay and Francis is beside my backup CHARLIE, a doppelganger that electronically relays me to the mountain peak and the mountain peak to me.

Or maybe my physical body is there, but on a four-legged walking machine.

Or maybe the walking machine is another form of doppelganger and I’m in Torquay.

Or maybe Francis is using an ultra-portable relay that is primarily a drone that follows him at eye level and lets me feel as if I am by his side.

Or maybe we’re both in Torquay…

And why have I tagged this research stream ‘Space-Time’ rather than ‘Physical’? It’s because otherwise, once again, it’s too limiting. In my Ambiguous Reality, I envision having the power to go back in time.

Maybe I was physically there the first time. Maybe I wasn’t. But I can relive it just the same. Better than that, if I want to, I’ll be able to improve upon the original – turn it into a ‘Best Off’ experience. Rewrite history by cutting out the rubbish bits.

What’s more, if the first experience happened to be in VR then, just as Dr Who encouraged me as a child, I’ll be able to go back in time and change the outcome.

So, my Ambiguous Reality isn’t just an unbounded blurring of physical and virtual, not just past and present, but alternative timelines as well.