All-Access Pass (Cyber)

Those first five streams merely provide the necessary impulse power to get the Program moving. It’s the final two streams that engage the warp drive.

These two research thrusts look like they’ll push in polar opposite directions. In practice, I believe they hugely reinforce each other and the other five streams and grow exponentially more powerful with Moore’s Law. Here’s why.

It’s pretty obvious how the first stream acts like an amplifier. 

In essence, I envision seamless access to anything electronic, with intuitive navigation across the whole of cyberspace. By tying into every sensory input device on CHARLIE – especially what we come up with from the Virtual Liberation and Partial Exoskeleton research – I envision that increasingly boundaryless control over my world will feel like control over a massively extended body that substitutes for my original almost-paralysed body.

Instead of interfacing with my environment, increasingly I will become my environment. Thanks to the plasticity of my brain, over time, cyberspace – and any of the physical world accessible through cyberspace – will feel like me; sending an email or calling an elevator, just like raising a finger or raising an eyebrow used to be.

It’s not just that I will no longer feel trapped in a paralysed body; I will no longer be a paralysed body. My new body will potentially extend everywhere – across not just the physical universe but also an infinite range of possible virtual universes as well.

And I will be breaking the barriers between machine intelligence and human intelligence. Instead of competing, we will be melding.

Of course, in my immediate environment (especially if it’s very familiar, like home) I envision intuitive eye-driven control of everything I used to accomplish with my hands – such as controlling the TV and household appliances, or calling the elevator and opening doors.

And I also envision CHARLIE saving me time by holding a three-way conversation, in his own voice, with both me and someone else. But naturally, because both CHARLIE and I will by this stage have full access to Machine Translation, there is absolutely no reason why any of these conversations can’t be in Chinese. Despite the fact that I don’t know Chinese.

Indeed, combined with our Verbal Spontaneity and Personality Retention work, I envision Peter 2.0 holding a video Skype interview in Chinese and Japanese – at the same time.