Pushing back

Pushing back

In December 2017, just after being told that statistically I had two years to live, I conceived a program of research to push back the frontiers of applying cutting-edge Hi-Tech to MND. I published it on my website. I emailed my ideas to everyone I knew who could spell Technology. I was excited. I thought this was game-changing research. What’s more, in the honourable tradition of scientists through the ages, I was more than happy to become a Human Guinea-Pig and donate my body for scientific research while I was still alive. To me, this was literally the experiment of a lifetime.

My only problem was that no one in the world was funding, let alone conducting, any of the cutting-edge Hi-Tech research that I knew could change the world of MND.

To be honest, no one was even talking about it. 

To be brutally honest, the Lo-Tech that was on offer to those of us with MND dreaming of a voyage to the stars was closer to a midnight unheated bus-ride to an unlit carpark where we were encouraged to look up at the sky and carry on dreaming (for our short time left).

And for that we were expected to be grateful. Because it was better than ten years ago.

This did not seem sensible to me.

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