Peter 2.0 – The Present

PETER 2.0 – The Present

I’m about to be turned into Peter 2.0.

And when I say ‘Peter 2.0’, I mean ‘a Cyborg’.

And when I say ‘Cyborg’, I don’t just mean any old cyborg, you understand, but by far the most advanced human cybernetic organism ever created in 13.8 billion years. I’m scheduled to become the world’s very first full Cyborg.

Almost everything about me is going to be irreversibly changed – body and brain.

It goes without saying that all my physical interaction with the world will become robotic. And naturally, my existing five senses are going to be enhanced. But far more importantly, part of my brain, and all of my external persona, will soon be electronic – totally synthetic. From then on, I’ll be part hardware / part wetware, part digital / part analogue. And it won’t stop there; I’ve got more upgrades in progress than Microsoft. Mine isn’t just a version change. It’s a metamorphosis.

Teenage Peter would have loved the idea.

Peter the Grownup Scientist is rather intrigued too…

Yes, I know, this all sounds like Science Fiction. But some of the top brains in the world, in an alliance of some of the most powerful Hi-Tech megacorporations, are set to make it happen – by the end of this year. Which, conveniently enough, is when statistically Peter 1.0 is scheduled to die from Motor Neurone Disease.

Die as a Human – Live as a Cyborg.

For me, it’s a no-brainer…

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