Peter 2.0 – The Future

PETER 2.0 – The Future

The more I think about it, there are a lot of upsides to becoming a cyborg.

And if it’s having MND that gets me upgraded to Peter 2.0 then the implications of my diagnosis aren’t all bad…

Being diagnosed with MND is currently viewed as a death sentence. What if, in the near future, everything gets turned on its head? What if diagnosis becomes a ticket to be upgraded – to end up better, in some ways, than the original model?

We are now only a year or two away from being able to pull off something revolutionary. All the technology pretty well already exists in isolation. Within the The Foundation we have the expertise to weave it all together. And our combined corporations have the power to make this happen.

We are within touching distance of changing – everything.

I’m not dying – I’m transforming!

This is Terminal Disease like you’ve never seen it before. And as far as I’m concerned, bring it on.

MND hasn’t even begun to bring me to my knees. And even long after I’m Locked In, I will still be standing tall.

Thanks to HiTech – I WILL talk again. I WILL convey Emotion and Personality. And I’ll reach out and TOUCH the people I love. And I will not be the only one.

Over time, more and more with MND, with Extreme Disability, with old age, with a passion simply to break free from their physical straightjacket, will choose to stand beside me.

And we will all stand tall. And we will stand proud. And we will stand unbowed. And we WILL KEEP STANDING, year after year after year after year after year…

Because we REFUSE simply to ‘Stay Alive’.