A bit of a rebel

A bit of a rebel

Maybe I’ve secretly always been a bit of a Rebel. Certainly, ever since being diagnosed in 2017, my approach to Motor Neurone Disease has had nothing to do with the classic, scared, victim-mentality view of MND.

Unexpectedly, I discover I have MND with attitude!

I don’t simply intend to survive – I intend to THRIVE. I don’t just want to change what it means to have MND – I want to change what it means to be human.

Maybe it started young. When I was a science geek at school, a teacher who had a profound influence on me said: “Peter, aim for the stars, and at least you’ll reach the moon.”

I realised something back then – I had almost zero interest in exploring a grey rock.

I intend that a group of us engage Warp Drive and voyage to the stars. And then punch a hole in the Universe.

OK, I know MND is supposed to be intimidating. But that’s what all bullies rely on.

This time, MND chose the wrong guy. I don’t even like bullies…

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