Simulation trends

Overview of SIMULATION trends

Simulation will support fundamental and sweeping advances that lead to almost limitless electricity and maybe almost limitless life-extension


Modeling the world with Simulation is the best way of transforming cutting-edge science into radical technology and life-changing medicine

  • Although it is now underpinned by the other three High-Tech trends, Simulation is an ancient trend deeply embedded into the global economy and is largely unstoppable
  • Advances driven by Simulation will revolutionize almost every aspect of society – although the most far-reaching impacts will be to Fusion Power and Molecular Biology


Fusion Power has an extraordinary potential to solve future energy demands but the chances of it being ready in time depend on Simulation

  • Despite strong pressures for economies to move away from oil-dependency, even a balance of alternatives is unlikely to satisfy the world’s energy requirements by 2040
  • Research into Fusion Power – which is hoped to be commercialized around 2040 – is quietly but heavily being funded by international consortia and is totally dependent on Simulation


Molecular Biology will totally change what it means to be alive – but although it can be immensely positive it will become an ethical minefield

  • Biotechnology is being transformed by the ability to use Simulation to decide how to refine the genetic code of organisms like bacteria so as to improve their properties
  • Genetically-Modified crops offer extraordinary benefits and most (though not all) concerns are overblown – but GM-crop take-up will still be driven by lobbying not science
  • Animal Cloning is another emotive topic that is clouded by ‘ethics experts’ who can be biased by religious beliefs – but artificial human-cloning will eventually happen
  • It is very likely that previously-extinct species – even woolly mammoths – will be brought back from extinction (although dinosaur DNA appears to be far too degraded)
  • Stem Cell research offers the potential of life-changing therapies for everything from Alzheimer’s and strokes to the replacement of defective organs such as hearts
  • Genetic Therapies can reflect the unique details of an individual’s DNA so as to screen for diseases, customize treatments, and potentially change unwanted genes


The net effect of Simulation with Miniaturization, Networking and Digitization will potentially lead to an unprecedented Global Renaissance

  • The economics of the pharmaceutical industry mean anti-aging therapies are set dramatically to extend lifespans – some 50-year-olds today may live to 150 (or far more)
  • If we can avoid the worst counter-currents to the High-Tech supertrend – some caused by its own side-effects – its impacts will overall be positive and life-affirming