Digitization trends

Overview of DIGITIZATION trends

Digitization is on an almost-unstoppable course to a polarized society of virtual-assistants, robot cars, cyborgs and everything on-the-record


Within decades everything will potentially be on-the-record, and personal Virtual Assistants will be needed to access a lifetime’s data

  • Accelerating capacities for digital-data storage means it will soon be affordable for members of the general public to record and keep non-stop videos of their lives
  • Accessing data archives will be so problematic that personal Virtual Assistants will be vital to retrieve the right data and in so doing amplify a person’s capabilities


Digitization of a largely Analog world may be one of the most important transitions for the world economy in five-thousand years

  • Since the 1960s many electronics experts have misinterpreted the systemic reinforcements that long ago turned Moore’s Law into a self-fulfilling prophesy
  • The original reinforcing cycle behind the accuracy of Moore’s Law has now turned into something far more relentless that is set to last for several more decades
  • Computer-chip complexity in fact only indicates the maximum realistic speed at which the far-more-fundamental process of widespread Digitization can accelerate


Robots will not turn out like in the movies but – especially in the forms of cars and tractors – they will be widespread within decades

  • Many predictions of future applications for robots have deeply underestimated the impact of accounting conventions as well as the costs of mechanical components
  • Although many expectations for robotics will be dashed, hugely sophisticated yet affordable robotic cars and tractors will be readily available to the public by 2040


Many predictions that robotic technology will be used to enhance humans are misdirected – even for some proposed military applications

  • Problems in providing senses like Touch (as well as economic considerations) will postpone the rise of Bionic Men and Women – although Cyborgs will be around
  • Sophisticated exoskeletons that enhance healthy people will remain too expensive for all but very-dangerous tasks, and future warfare will not often suit them


The net effect of all the future impacts of Digitization will tend to polarize every aspect of society throughout the international community

  • It is incorrect to predict that as a developed society becomes dominated by Digitization so everything within it will be able to modernize as it does in most sci-fi
  • In just three decades, and even if just driven by the Digitization trend, the future will be a conflict of old and ultra-modern that standard forecasts have not recognized