Progressive refinement

Decentralized progressive-refinement


This book has already taken a first step by categorizing the major systemic-threats of global crises into just six clusters that (typically below the surface) share similar root-causes and so are potentially broadly susceptible to similar counters. That is an easier starting point than analyses that cluster according to relatively-superficial symptoms and therefore offer little guidance in finding underlying solutions. But the Global Guilds will be able to go very much further because, rather like the process of evolution, Emergence will then come into play.

As a result of unrestrained hoards of people trying an incredible number of local attempts at solutions, some unpredictable combinations of actions will work better than others. Those solutions that work best, different Guild-members may apply elsewhere (albeit in a locally-relevant form). But that is just the beginning. There will inevitably turn out to be common-denominators that link many apparently-separate clusters of crises. Shared mutually-relevant solutions will gain momentum, but they will also reveal something extremely important. Their very success will uncover the more-general pattern of how to manage groups of crises.

That solution cannot be worked out in advance any more than it is possible to predict how a particular animal will evolve over the next several million years. But as AI-based computer analysis decodes the pattern of what works, and why it works, then – just like looking back down the evolutionary tree and seeing how humans evolved from earlier primates that in turn came from still-more-primitive mammals – decentralized Progressive Refinement will lead to a far deeper understanding of how to realign the global economy so as to keep on a course away from cumulative global crises (and as a result, toward Global Renaissance).

In this way, it is at last a realizable goal to achieve joined-up thinking across the enormous range of counter-tactics needed throughout the international community. Although the immense complexity of the detailed solution is utterly beyond the capability of any individuals to work out centrally or disseminate top-down – so too are the extraordinarily harmonized flight-paths of flocks of birds, or the uncontrolled sophistication of marketplaces. That is how Emergence works.