Refinement and spread

Accelerating Responsiveness to crises

Global Guilds must create conditions for ACCELERATING RESPONSIVENESS in order to refine and customize decentralized tactics and to counter specific crises directly


BIG BUSINESS IS not just currently well-placed to form Global Guilds, it is also very much to its advantage to do so. The overriding reason for this is that the strategic goal of all the Global Guilds is effectively one of the strategic goals that Big Business must itself adopt: Accelerating Responsiveness to growing threats of backlashes. The need for ‘responsiveness’ to such newly proliferating threats is self-evident. But the need for ‘acceleration’ is dictated by the exponential nature of the otherwise-benign trends that are creating those backlashes in the first place. Conventional corporate strategies for countering them – overhauled at best every few years – may appear to work in the short-term, but ultimately such classic centralized and top-down approaches can never keep up with the escalating variety and spread of crises.

In contrast, the Global Guilds must, by design, trigger a form of ‘viral’ strategy that is constructed to spread throughout the international business community and beyond. Very importantly, like the Global Guilds themselves, that viral strategy must be self-improving. As I will now explain, it is a combination of ‘Progressive Refinement’ and ‘Viral Spread’ that substantially improves the odds of successfully countering the damage caused by global crises.