Guild Principles

The Global-Guild Principles


When corporate realignment is conducted as part of a Global Guild, it becomes a lot easier to learn lessons from others about how best to proceed. And the broad guidelines of the realigning-process become, in effect, the Principles that everyone in the Guild is following. Unelected Responsibility, True Costing, Collective Sustainability, Mirrored Tolerance, Pre-emptive Recovery and Holistic Perspective (the ‘Guild Principles’ detailed in the earlier chapters of the book) are a coherent set of largely-distinct strategic-realignment guidelines. They mutually reinforce each other in pursuit of the overall strategic goal of minimizing backlashes by means of Accelerating Responsiveness. In other words, the Guild Principles are what is often termed a ‘strategic thrust’.

By analogy with the tanker-fleet, these Guild Principles are the equivalent to Rules of the Sea – such as which tanker should give way to which others, what direction two head-on tankers should steer to avoid a collision, and so on. Ideally, every tanker-captain should abide by these principles, but it is immediately helpful even if the captains of only a single company’s fleet of tankers initially agree to follow them.

There are innumerable aligned actions that the Global Guilds need to encourage corporations and others throughout the international community to take, and it is the six Global-Guild Principles that help translate the grand strategy of Accelerating Responsiveness into those coherent actions. But the Guild Principles alone are not enough. I have already suggested some of the guidelines that businesses, institutions and governments need to follow. However, to be effective across a very large number of different circumstances, the details of such counter-tactics must be refined and customized around the globe. As I will explain in the next subchapter, that is where Viral Spread plays a crucial role.