Realigning agricultural and fishery subsidies

Agricultural and fishery subsidies are currently a major cause of Competitive Overuse that must be widely publicized and urgently realigned on a fully-scientific basis


Agricultural and fishery subsidies are currently a major cause of Competitive Overuse. Their failings must be widely publicized and the subsidies themselves must urgently be realigned on a fully-scientific basis. Farm subsidies help trap poor countries in poverty. Fishery subsidies are leading to a collapse of fish stocks and driving some species to extinction.

Governments need to shift from encouraging overproduction to encouraging Collective Sustainability. In terms of fishing – in addition to vastly expanding no-fishing zones and marine reserves – scientifically (not politically) determined caps on production should translate into permits for fishing quotas that are then auctioned off, an approach commonly referred to as ‘Cap and Trade’. The potentially-disastrous side-effects of the current subsidies also need to be far better communicated around the world – another useful role for coalitions of the media, retailers, governments and suppliers. And the political leaders of those countries locked into Competitive Overuse need to be helped to restore this aspect of sustainability – and as a result improve everyone else’s as well – rather than continue to undermine it as they currently feel forced to do.