For a start, although a Global Guild can in part be a virtual organization that taps into the capabilities of several existing corporations, and takes full advantage of the best that each can contribute, it must remain rigorously unbiased and ultimately Independent. As a result, at its center it needs dedicated people and resources that not only can stimulate and maintain the multiple interactions that a Global Guild needs, but who also can as necessary maintain strict confidentiality between the different corporations and other bodies with which those interactions take place.

After all, as with the numerous confidential sources accessed for this book, crucial patterns often emerge that do not themselves need to be classified at the same level of secrecy. For the Energy Guild, as an example, the true overall status of global oil reserves would be one useful insight. The broad pattern of the genuine intentions of governments regarding greenhouse-gas emissions would be another. Similarly, any common denominators across different corporations’ successes (and failures) in tackling backlashes would be useful for any of the Global Guilds.