The Global Guilds must leverage exceptional computing, internet and other High-Tech resources in order to model and partially-compensate for the extreme complexity and interconnectivity of global issues. And they need the flexibility and culture to attract and keep the ‘best of the best’ – people who will typically be drawn from the private sector but who need to have skills and profiles very different to that of a typical corporate executive. In some areas, a PhD or equivalent will be the minimum academic qualification needed to manage the intricacies of a Global Guild role. But academic and intellectual excellence alone is insufficient. Supreme interpersonal skills and high-level practical experience in business, government or elsewhere is also crucial. After all, Global Guild staff must be capable of holding their own with everyone from heads of state to chief executives to media correspondents to religious leaders to influential celebrities, academics, scientists and artists. In addition, senior staff-members also need a ‘clean record’ as far as the media are concerned because (on top of being deeply knowledgeable and trusted by companies, governments and civil-groups around the world) they must potentially also be trusted by the general public.