Overview of strategy

Tackling the fundamentals of global side-effects with a World Embassy made up of Global Guilds

For their enlightened self-interest key players in the world economy must form Global Guilds as parts of a World Embassy designed to fill the current leadership-vacuum and trigger the far-reaching changes needed to minimize global crises


Despite current widespread disruption there will never be a better time to trigger the changes needed to secure against different forms of escalating systemic-crisis


In the absence of any effective global governance – industries cannot wait for outside help but must realign their activities and form ‘Global Guilds’ to create a practical way forward

  • In addition to realigning their activities to create the conditions needed to counter their particular types of systemic crisis – the most powerful industries must align themselves as ‘Global Guilds’
  • Global Guilds must act like TRUSTED OBSERVERS by which organizations gain an undistorted overview of globally-defined threats without breaching confidentiality
  • Global Guilds must act like VIGILANT COUNSELORS monitoring globally-defined-crisis scenarios, alerting about changes and facilitating integrated counter-measures
  • Global Guilds must act like GLOBAL ADVOCATES so organizations can better justify unpalatable measures needed to avoid collective (and so also individual) crises


Global Guilds must trigger a viral strategy that has the ultimate goal of accelerating the collective responsiveness of their members to growing crises

  • Global Guilds must create conditions for ACCELERATING RESPONSIVENESS in order to refine and customize decentralized tactics and to counter specific crises directly
  • Similar to how Wikipedia grows and upgrades accuracy so Global Guilds must enable a decentralized focus on High-Impact-but-Difficult issues – and also find patterns across those solutions


Rather than wait for protracted international agreement, self-improving prototype Global Guilds – which together have the unprecedented power of a fully-functioning World Embassy – will immediately improve the odds for those that form them

  • Governments are unlikely to take the initiative to form of a World Embassy directly – so pioneering organizations should sponsor prototype Global Guilds rather than have to try much the same alone
  • The effectiveness and relevance of prototype Global Guilds will keep rapidly improving if they remain Independent, Globalist, Participative, Minimalist, Pragmatic, Exceptional and Adaptive
  • Fundamental change can be triggered by a relatively small number of organizations throughout the world economy – and now is their opportunity to rise to that challenge