The most powerful

If not the most powerful – then who?

In addition to realigning their activities to create the conditions needed to counter their particular types of systemic crisis – the most powerful industries must align themselves as ‘Global Guilds’


FEW PEOPLE REALIZE that when modern tankers need to steer, the rudder is in fact so large that even turning that alone would take an unrealistic effort. Yet on the trailing edge of the huge rudder is something called a Trim Tab. It is that small trim-tab that steers the enormous ship. Long before the tanker needs to change course, a minor shift to a control on the bridge sends a tiny electrical signal to a hydraulic system at the stern. An actuator then bit by bit adjusts the relative angle of the trim-tab to the rudder. The seawater rushing past it creates a pressure that in turn slowly helps pull the whole rudder to a new position that eventually – after a long delay – very gradually steers the massive tanker. To avoid the metaphorical hidden-icebergs of global crises, the fleets of the international community need to find and activate their own ‘trim tabs’.