Unwritten Rules tutorial

Techniques for decoding Unwritten Rules have become increasingly sophisticated over the last three decades. Some important aspects can now be automated; other aspects require high skill derived from years of practice.

However, the original techniques that Dr Scott-Morgan devised in the 1980s are still a powerful way for anyone to uncover the hidden inner-workings of a relatively confined social group such as a corporate department, a small-to-medium business, or any other moderate-sized organization. In 1994, he surprised the business community – who were used to Management Consultants keeping their methodologies secret – by including comprehensive details of a very-early way of doing all this as an Appendix to The Unwritten Rules of the Game.

A few years later, he placed an even more complete tutorial – of a slightly more accessible technique – into the public domain by posting it online. Owing to the slow Internet of the day, the site was low-resolution and Flash-enabled. However, even today, its content remains an easy route into DIY Unwritten Rules.

Full details of this classic version of the technique, as well as the early public-domain tutorial, can be found on this cache of Dr Scott-Morgan’s original Flash-enabled UNWRITTEN RULES site.