Leadership vacuum

In the absence of sufficient governance to address escalating world crises there is a growing need to Break the Rules at a global level – but that is easier said than done, even at a local level.

Unleashing additional cohorts of Leaders that are truly able to make a difference is of growing importance because, by my analysis, our existing global governance does not have sufficiently effective systems to be able to cope with many of the problems ahead.  And that very much includes the United Nations.  At the moment, frankly, when it comes to tackling escalating global crises professionally, there is a leadership vacuum out there.

As a result, those who can – should.

At this point, you might expect me to offer some sort of heroic-sounding rallying cry like: “Whatever your official role happens to be, if you have the courage to be a genuine leader, if you have the passion and drive to change the future, if you care enough to truly make a difference – then break through the layers of formal and informal rules that have built up over time.  They are the only thing holding you back!”

But you deserve better than that.  In the real world, change is not that simple.

I suspect you intuitively sense that in practice the strongly-reinforced dynamics of High-Tech, and the other long-established worldwide systems and organizations and institutions and social groupings that collectively make up our global economy mean that some innovations will be much easier than others – and you are right.

Not only that but, even for organizations with the same degree of reinforcement, some innovations will be much easier for some organizations than others – or indeed maybe even be easier for some parts of a given organization than other parts of that same organization.

It is all to do with breaking old habits.