Virtual Integration (1995)

Virtual Integration

Information Technology – The Enabler in Globalization


with Dag Ericsson, John Harvey-Jones, Peter Keen, Paul Saffo

Unisource 1995   ISBN 91-85292-61-3



Today information technology has enabled a paradigm shift in business – back to small entrepreneurial units – structured together in cooperating entities.

Operating without bureaucracy and quite often in the form of virtual organizations. Global and local, centralized and decentralized, integrated and specialized, flexible and coordinated – often all at the same time. Virtual integration, enabled by networking and the concept of time-based management, has acted as the catalyst to make this happen. Visions in business and organization development can now be realized.

This book focuses these emerging patterns, and consists of three main sections. The first part is devoted to the action and the steps that have to be taken in order to fulfill the mission. The second part looks at the change process in great detail, following the metamorphosis as it evolves. The third part consists of practical examples which illustrate the benefits of these concepts.

The holistic approach shows that man is not limited either by his vision or his tools.