The Robotics Revolution (1984)

The Robotics Revolution

The Complete Guide


Blackwell 1984   ISBN 0-631-13162-0


“It’s everything you ever wanted to know but never had the strength to ask, all in one volume – and a very nicely organized volume too … it covers everything from basic engineering ideas, through control systems … The attention to detail is quite extraordinary … this book has no competition.”

Chris Naylor

Computer Weekly


“Compulsory reading for anyone seriously interested in present or future developments in robotisation and how they may affect our everyday lives.”

W. K. Taylor

Times Higher Education Supplement


“As a first book of robotics – or, for the non-specialist manager, the only book – this takes some beating.”

The Engineer





Long-predicted in science fiction, the robotics revolution is now hard technological fact. This book is the complete guide for everyone affected by the transformation of outmoded industrial processes now under way. Written clearly and with the non-specialist in mind, yet not fighting shy of technical detail and terminology, The Robotics Revolution addresses all aspects of the subject.

Areas covered include what robots actually are, how they have evolved, how they work and how they are programmed. How are they currently used in industry and what is their future? What are their limitations? Can modern industry afford them – or afford to be without them? And, just as important as their impact on industry, what will be their effect on employment and society at large?

The Robotics Revolution provides a comprehensive introduction to this subject, and has rapidly established itself as the leading book in its field.