The Accelerating Organization (1997)

The Accelerating Organization

Embracing the Human Face of Change


with Arun Maira

McGraw Hill 1997   ISBN 0-07-057720-X

“Based on far-reaching and forward-thinking curriculum, The Accelerating Organization teaches new principles of managing people, teams, and complex organizations in a business world that’s been reengineered, downsized and more. With this book, managers and executives will successfully engage the hearts and minds of the entire organization in a coordinated quest for continually improving performance.”

Editorial Review


“I have always been interested in culture and human aspects of the firm. This book was highly recommended by my teacher on strategic management as his favorite on change management. It’s an easy read on the human aspects of change and is helped by a novel structure in the book (each subsection of the chapter reads like an individual chapter, which assists the dropping and picking up). It’s no nonsense. Anyone who liked ‘The Fifth Discipline’, will much appreciate this as well. I hope to read more of this type material.”

Jeroen Cox






An entirely fresh approach to managing in a changing world

It’s a fast-moving, cyber-linked, overcommunicated world out there these days. Change seems to happen much more rapidly and with far less predictability. It’s no wonder the store shelves are crammed with books for beleaguered managers who are desperately trying to navigate through this torrent of change.

This one is different from the rest. Here is a book that shows you how to turn your organization into one that continually meets the challenges of change, in a business world strewn with the survivors of yesterday’s fads.

The Accelerating Organization features the cutting-edge, experience-tested principles being taught by Arthur D. Little and Innovation Associates. It’s not another take on reengineering nor a rewarmed learning organization tome. It’s the best of both methods – and a whole lot more. Learn how you can:

  • Refocus strategic goals and galvanize for never-ending change
  • Get to know your organization’s unwritten rules and use them to gain leverage
  • Change policies and structures simultaneously, while avoiding performance disruption
  • Make your people the agents of change, not its victims
  • Instill a continuous learning mindset aimed at sustaining high performance

Accessible and practical, this whole new approach to managing in an ever-changing world provides you with the knowledge and tools to ensure that your organization is flexible, nimble, and ready to handle whatever might come next … be it a minor tremor or a seismic shift.