Since the early 1980s, a succession of confidential clients has invited me to decode how different components of the world economy and the international community actually work and interact. For all that time I have had the privilege of being granted unique access around the world to a complete cross-section of the corporations, institutions, government organizations, secret groups, associations and informal societies that together make up the global community. It has been an extraordinary eye-opener.

Based on so much confidential insight into the hidden inner-workings of such a wide-ranging sample of the world economy, I was encouraged to write a book (now co-published alongside this one) about The Reality of Global Crises. However, it soon became clear that – urgent and topical through such subject-matter was – it only represented the more-threatening conclusions from my work. It explained why, in terms of global systems, there are so many apparently good beginnings that are nevertheless ending badly and leaving world-leaders increasingly powerless. But there was insufficient space in one book to detail exactly what the good endings were that those selfsame systems would generate provided we handled the threats well enough.

That was a shame because they are outcomes that are really worthwhile striving for: As you will find in this book, if only we can avoid the worst risks then, far from Global Chaos, many of us will instead get to experience an almost unimaginably spectacular Global Renaissance.


Peter Scott-Morgan

Torquay, 2012