I am immensely grateful to my unnamed corporate, institutional and private clients around the world who since the 1980s have invited me to evaluate the always-confidential and often-embarrassing innermost workings of their organizations. It is they who provided me with the otherwise inaccessible insights on which this book is based. Although I am obliged not to identify any but a small handful of these clients, and must anyway protect certain people within even the organizations that I can mention (which is often best achieved simply by not mentioning the client-name at all), there are many astute, highly connected – and in some cases, rather courageous – individuals who will hopefully recognize their fingerprints on different details within this book. In practice, I had to corroborate all such details from multiple independent sources. So, for each detail, there are in truth many people to whom I would like to extend my thanks – albeit in a blanket statement that maintains their anonymity.

In terms of producing The Reality of Global Crises, I can thankfully be far more explicit. Since 1984 I have had six books published by traditional publishers. Each time has been very productive – but the process has felt unduly protracted and old-fashioned, aimed at somewhat-different goals than mine, and controlled by individuals with little insight into my specific book topics. This time I wanted an experience suited to the 21st century. I am extremely grateful to all the folks at Amazon who have transformed an archaic production rite into a joy. Theirs is definitely the way of the future.

With any books written over a long period, the greatest sacrifices are inevitably made not by the authors but by their family and friends. And for the last couple of years that has certainly applied to this book. Above anybody and everybody deserving of heartfelt gratitude is the wonderful and ever-supportive Francis (without whose motivation and encouragement the project would have stalled at least twice), as well as Mar and Da (who, both in their nineties, nevertheless every day made a point of demonstrating their caring interest by happily discussing whatever topic, however abstruse, that I happened to be writing about).

To everyone, named and unnamed: Thank you.