Four decades of books

He is a bestselling multi-book author

Dr Scott-Morgan has been acclaimed in the press as ‘the world expert on unwritten rules’ a ‘leading guru on embracing the human face of change’ and ‘the High Master of organizational reality’. He is the best-selling author, co-author or editor of eight non-fiction books:


The Unwritten Rules of the Game – about the hidden systemic-logic driving behavior, culture and society – was the lead book of McGraw Hill’s spring catalogue and a main selection of Newbridge’s Executive Program. It became the bestselling business book in three countries, was voted one of the Top 30 Business Books of 1994 (from 1500 books considered for the award), was selected for a Soundview Executive Book Summary, and won the John M Ketteringham Memorial Prize for the most important radically new idea of the year. It has been translated into many languages, including Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. Dr Scott-Morgan’s first book, The Robotics Revolution was voted one of the Top 50 Books for Industry and was rapidly translated into several languages, including Russian. Based on the unparalleled confidential insights gained from his twenty-five years’ access to the hidden inner-workings of the international community, Dr Scott-Morgan’s two latest books – The Reality of Global Crises and The Reality of our Global Future – for the first time disclose what is really going on across our increasingly complex and interconnected world. The Reality of our Global Future was translated into Chinese and republished in 2017 as The Great 2040 Prophecy.