Confidential clients

Throughout his whole career, Dr Scott-Morgan has consistently maintained rigorous confidentiality on even just the names of his clients – let alone the nature of his work for them. However, a few corporations such as Allied Irish Banks, the BBC, BP, and Philips have disclosed that he conducted major appraisals of their organizations.

In testimony to the Irish Parliament in 2004, the Chairman of Allied Irish Banks explained that after the highly-publicized ethics scandal of 2004: “We commissioned a well known international expert, Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan, who has done this type of work for a number of very large companies in the world. He is the world expert on corporate culture.”

In 2016, Dr Scott-Morgan was described by numerous media as being an expert who had “been engaged to conduct an investigation into the systems driving BBC culture.” BBC TV subsequently interviewed him to comment on the Jimmy Savile scandal (on its flagship current-affairs program Newsnight as well as on News-24), introducing him as having previously analyzed “the BBC’s unwritten rules of behavior.”

Dr Scott-Morgan was also called in as an Expert Witness to the associated Dame Janet Smith Review. His insights were referenced several times by Dame Janet in her report, including: “Peter Scott-Morgan … used an expression which I think encapsulated the general attitude towards the Talent. He said that they were ‘more valuable than the values’.” This quote was subsequently picked up and repeated by many media outlets.