Short-version biography

The world expert on decoding the hidden inner-workings of organizations and economies



Dr Peter Scott-Morgan is the foremost authority on the ‘unwritten rules’ of how organizations, society, and global economies really work – and what their futures hold. Throughout his career he has been granted unique access to reveal the hidden logic behind systemic threats permeating the international community.


For thirty years he has gained privileged and often highly sensitive and confidential entry to innumerable institutions, government organizations and corporations around the world to analyze their systemic threats and advise their leaders how to respond. An extraordinary spectrum of such engagements (including for many of the major players in industries such as banking, pharmaceuticals, oil, energy, IT, telecoms and media) has granted him unparalleled insights into every major component of the world economy, and has provided him with a uniquely-authoritative perspective on the dominant trends across the international community and the unintended consequences that they cause. In 2007, while still in his forties, Dr Scott-Morgan retired completely from commercially-driven work. He now devotes his expertise exclusively to global systemic issues.


Official transcript of testimony to the Irish Parliament by the Chairman of Allied Irish Banks regarding actions taken after the ethics scandal of 2004:

“We commissioned a well known international expert, Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan, who has done this type of work for a number of very large companies in the world. He is the world expert on corporate culture.”