Personal life

He has lived with his partner since 1979

Peter Scott-Morgan and Francis Scott-Morgan have been a couple, since 1979. They joined their surnames in 1991. One of their proudest moments was early on the morning of December 21st 2005 in the grand ballroom of the Versailles-inspired Oldway Mansion. In an hour-long ceremony followed by a reception afterwards, with thirty family members covering four generations and a hundred international friends, witnessed by the Mayor and his dignitaries, and (given the perceived historical significance) in front of TV, radio and the press, they became – along with a few other couples around the country in parallel ceremonies – the very first people in the history of England to be registered as Civil Partners. [See examples of BBC and press coverage.]

Previously, in 1993 they precipitated a change in US-Immigration policy when they set legal precedent by being formally accepted as an unmarried couple entitled to unlimited independent travel in and out of the USA despite being the same gender and only one of them being on Executive Transfer. Both were subsequently invited to become US citizens. They each now hold US as well as UK passports.

Wherever they have been based, they have always maintained a home in Devon, England, within a few miles of most of their large extended family. During World War II, Dr Scott-Morgan’s father designed key parts of the communication strategy for Operation Overlord and the D-Day landings, for which he was awarded the MBE.

At 8.30am on 10 December 2014, chosen as the first in Devon to do so, Francis and Peter Scott-Morgan signed the legal document that retrospectively converted their civil partnership to a marriage. Since they had been the first civil partnership in England, they are now recorded as having the first same-sex marriage in England, even though other same-sex couples were able to marry since 29 March 2014. The registrar informed them that they were now, and legally had been since 21 December 2005, husband and husband.